Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 23 Gratefuls

These are pithy posts, I realize that.  It's because I write them before I go to bed and I'm a total morning person so by the time I'm doing my daily gratefuls I'm exhausted and haven't got much brain power for clever posting.

  1. Today I'm grateful for nice UPS and USPS delivery people.
  2. I'm grateful for socks (those who know me may be shocked by that, but it's been in the 60's lately and I'm freezing... so yes, I have been wearing socks).
  3. I'm grateful that the less sugar I consume, the better non-sugared foods taste.  Today I ate some plain unsweetened, unflavored yogurt and it was SOOOO yummy.  There was a time I would have said NO WAY.
(And I had a great cartoon to put here, but I'm suddenly feeling like not joining in with the rest of the internet and using other people's material without their permission.)

1 comment:

  1. I gave up sugar a couple of years ago. I recently at part of a cookie at Costco and could only taste the incredible cloying sugar. Blech. It's amazing how your taste buds can change.