Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 11 Gratefuls

  1. I'm grateful that the baby deer that was injured so badly animal control was out here looking for him seems to be surviving okay.  I saw him with him mom and, while he does have a bad limp, he is getting around fine.  I do understand they were only trying to do the humane thing... if he couldn't get around he'd just suffer and starve.  So I'm grateful he seems to have overcome his injury (got caught in one of the fences he was trying to jump).
  2. I'm grateful for live streaming games of my daughter's hockey so I can feel a little less far from her (she's 3000 miles away).
  3. I'm grateful for fun garage sales and fun people to go with me to garage sales.  $5 for a pair of these cool stained glass windows (they're 3 feet tall).

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