Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 10 Gratefuls

  1. I'm grateful for vitamin C powder from Trader Joe's.  I hate swallowing pills and although this stuff is mind-numbingly sour, a little goes a long way (1000 mg per 1/4 tsp).  I like a little Vit C boost when I feel I may be coming down with something.
  2. I'm grateful I don't hear anyone snoring at night.  I've known and lived with snorers and it drives me batty.  So yay for no snoring these days.  I even make our snoring cat sleep upstairs.
  3. I'm grateful I have a rolling mill.  Although I don't use it on a daily basis, it's so nice having one.  I like adding textures to metal this way.  Like this bracelet and these earrings.

 What are you grateful for?  Share in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. I'm grateful I get to hear Smokey snore. He's almost 20 and I'm grateful to have had him that long. Every little snore means he's still with me.